by Aimee Cartwright

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that the next UK General Election will take place on the 4 July 2024, and political organisations must act fast to ensure they are prepared for what’s to come.

In the midst of the chaos, we must not lose sight of political integrity. It’s crucial that all political employees, MP and otherwise, are thoroughly vetted to prevent political infiltration, inappropriate behaviour, and anything else that may harm the election.

Given that many risks are hidden from traditional background checks, yet lurk on social media, it’s critical to carry out Social Media Checks (specifically Political Advocate Checks) promptly.

Overview of Political Advocate Checks for the Parliamentary Election 2024

Professional social media screening companies analyse the online behaviours of politicians to assess whether there is a risk to UK parliament, political parties and organisations, or the public. These are known as Political Advocate Checks.

As well as unveiling general risks, Political Advocate Checks are specifically designed to distinguish between freedom of speech and political advocacy.

Social Intelligence Officers look for examples of political advocacy in:

  • Editorials/media/press/journals
  • 200 social and professional networking sites
  • Millions of web pages
  • Mobile-only apps

By gathering information from diverse sources, Social Media Check companies can identify UK election risks that would not necessarily appear on a traditional political background check.

How Social Media Checks Can Strengthen Political Integrity

Implementing Political Advocate Checks has a host of benefits for political employers, from creating safer election campaign teams to establishing a reputation as a compliant organisation.

Ultimately, there exists one common thread between each benefit: you get to know exactly who is working for you in the next election.

Political infiltrators are notoriously difficult to recognise; they may effortlessly blend into your team, mimicking the values of other members ahead of the parliamentary general election.

It is much harder to mask one’s true intentions on social media. Our Social Intelligence Officers comb through unlimited years of online history to identify any signs of political advocate activity, conveying a realistic picture of the candidate to the employer.

There is a sense of pride in knowing that every member of a political group has undergone comprehensive vetting, and therefore is likely to genuinely share the same values and intentions as their peers. Not only does this weed out infiltrators, but it also brings members closer together and inspires loyalty to the campaign.

In terms of the outcome of the United Kingdom General Election 2024, Social Media Checks can prevent incompatible individuals from representing you in power. The case for social media vetting of MPs is difficult to argue; why not protect the public from ill-suited candidates by filtering the risk to your online platform before they have an opportunity to cause harm?

Finally, the public is increasingly learning of political news through social media platforms. Public figures are the second most popular news source on Facebook, and in 2022, 41% of Facebook users in the UK followed public accounts. If these accounts are not vetted, political misinformation could quickly spiral into an electoral nightmare.


Our thorough Political Advocate Checks have the power to strengthen political integrity in the General Election to be held on 4 July.

Political clients trust our expertise in performing meticulous research, identifying risks, and communicating this in an objective manner.

These results cannot be replicated in any other way. To ensure political organisations are as safe as possible, Political Advocate Social Media Checks must be implemented before polling day.

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