Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement


At SP Index, we are committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and supply chains. We take this responsibility seriously and strive to ensure ethical practices throughout our business.

Our Commitment

SP Index operates with a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. Our policies and practices are designed to prevent any form of forced labour or human trafficking in our business activities and supply chains.

Our Policies

We have implemented robust policies to combat modern slavery, including:

  • A strict Code of Conduct for all employees and contractors.
  • A Recruitment Policy ensuring voluntary and legal employment.
  • A Supplier Code of Conduct requiring compliance with our anti-slavery standards.

Due Diligence and Risk Management

We conduct due diligence on our suppliers and regularly assess the risks of modern slavery within our supply chains. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure they share our commitment to ethical practices.

Training and Awareness

We provide comprehensive training to our employees to help them recognise and report any signs of modern slavery. This training is part of our commitment to maintaining high ethical standards across our business.

Reporting Concerns

We encourage employees and stakeholders to report any concerns regarding modern slavery. Reports can be made directly to our Compliance Officer and will be handled with utmost seriousness and confidentiality.

Review and Compliance

This statement is reviewed annually and updated as needed to reflect our ongoing efforts to combat modern slavery. It has been approved by our Board of Directors.

Approved by:
Martin Hardy, Executive Director
1st September 2023

Period Covered: 1st September 2023 to 31st August 2024

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