Profile using DECORUM Software

Our skilled researchers use the factual information revealed by the UNVEIL searches to capture candidate profile details into our DECORUM software – a powerful behaviour analysis and reporting tool used to evaluate an online profile.

DECORUM considers only the information which is publicly available and includes written, pictorial, vlog, blog, general online privacy and website account management. Protected characteristics are specifically excluded in this process.

Decorum algorithms (based on the 7 key behaviour measures of the SP Index) analyse thousands of possible data combinations to produce a behavioural profile result which is converted into an easy to interpret report.

Profile using DECORUM Software

Why use DECORUM for behaviour profiling?

Sophisticated online behaviour analysis tool developed after several years of R&D into online profiling

  • Captures and processes the online behavioural traits of an individual without compromising the privacy of the candidate
  • Utilises only publicly available information in accordance with regulatory and statutory guidance
  • Eliminates any use of protected characteristics
  • Provides objective online profile results in the form of a report
  • Removes the risk of discrimination and subjectivity
  • Fairly evaluates both the positive as well as negative aspects of an online profile
  • Identifies potentially damaging online behaviours
  • Highlights potential risks
  • Identifies potential social media ambassadors
  • Highlights illegal activity and connections to Proscribed organisations
  • Indicates potential suitability for a specific role

Key Features

  • No upfront cost or investment for an employer
  • Easy web-based access or integration with employer's HR systems
  • Highly secure, using the latest Microsoft Azure platform and infrastructure
  • Accessible to authorised users via secure web servers and firewalls
  • Utilises the latest technologies in password protection
  • Full data encryption
  • Tested regularly for integrity and resilience
  • Full compliance with international data protection rules
Profile using DECORUM Software

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