Discover with UNVEIL Software

To build an accurate and complete picture about an individual’s online behaviour it is necessary that a search for online information can be carried out efficiently and in depth.

Using our UNVEIL software, our objective is to identify all relevant online information more quickly, more efficiently, more accurately and more thoroughly than any employer could carry out themselves.

This bespoke search engine tool allows our human researchers to quickly identify all conclusive links to an individual’s online profile across a vast online landscape. UNVEIL is a Smart-Searching technology which combines candidate information provided in the job application together with our website and keyword database dictionaries in order to drive optimum search power.

Discover with UNVEIL Software

UNVEIL - Faster, more accurate, more relevant and more in-depth searches

  • Rapidly reduces the searching time, effort and cost for an employer
  • Eliminates the use of protected characteristics and removes all subjectivity
  • Programmed for 3-layer matrix Smart-Searching
  • Integrated with to our unique keyword and key website data dictionaries
  • Eliminates redundant search text for improved speed and accuracy
  • Equivalent coverage of Google, Bing, Safari, Firefox and more
  • Coverage automatically includes 190 social networks, 25 professional networks, mobile only apps, and >8million web pages
  • Capable of running 40 searches in parallel across different engines
  • Searches optimised across a variety of devices including MACs, PCs, iPhones and Android

Formal training and peer to peer knowledge sharing ensures that our researchers are highly skilled and focused to identify all the relevant information from a wide online landscape.

We recognise that the people we profile are made up of a diverse group based on age, culture, nationality, socio-economic status, religion, sexual orientation and ability, and our team is recruited with the same focus on diversity. This ensures that new online trends are identified early and that behaviour assessments are fairly balanced, without prejudice.

Discover with UNVEIL Software

Discover with UNVEIL Software

Key features

  • Used by SP Index staff to dive deeply into online web content of a candidate
  • Accessible to authorised users via secure web servers and firewalls
  • Eliminates use of protected characteristics
  • Multi-layer Smart-Searching technology
  • Parallel processing with up to 40 searches simultaneously
  • Fine-tuned for use with multiple desktop and mobile devices
  • Tested regularly for integrity and resilience
  • Full compliance to international data protection rules

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