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Based on the 7 key Index measures of online behaviour (Social People Index), our social media background check utilises powerful screening and online behaviour evaluation tools designed to fairly and objectively assess a candidate’s social media profile over a 2, 3, 5 or 10 year period. The background check result is presented in an easy to interpret report which helps protect an employer without breaching trust with the candidate.

“Staff and reputation are two of the most valuable assets of our company. Our investment in SP-Index provides a useful benchmark, which together with other metrics, ensure our staff remain our highest priority. Their success ultimately promotes the company's reputation for integrity and longevity.”

-Andrew Turberville Smith, COO Weatherbys Bank

Social Media Background Checks

DISCOVER the Benefits

The social media check report complements traditional employment screening by highlighting whether an individual’s social media and online activities are:

Social Media Background Checks
  • Potentially brand and reputation damaging
  • Showcasing undesirable characteristics
  • Encouraging illegal activities
  • Connected to or supportive of Proscribed organisations and terrorist groups
  • Linked to lobby or advocate / activist groups
  • Breaching company policy
  • Featured in adverse media and news reports
  • Leaking or likely to leak company confidential information
  • Likely to have an impact on client relations
  • Likely to expose your organisation to instances of bribery, corruption or fraud
  • A validation of career history on a CV

The check should only be run as a part of the employment screening process (post offer). Employment decisions should not be based solely on the result of the check but considered in conjunction with other checks such as employment references, criminality checks and credit checks

PROFILE the Steps Towards Greater Protection

  • Securely Log-in to your account via our website
  • Invest only 2 minutes per candidate to request a candidate check OR integrate with your HR system
  • Securely access your candidate's completed Background Check Report online within 3-5 working days
  • Review check results and take action when necessary

Maintain candidate trust - candidates' online usernames or passwords are never requested.

Social Media Background Checks

PROTECT Staff, Customers and Clients

Each Check Report is generated only after fully assessing a candidate against the 7 key SP Index measures of online social and professional networking and online behavioural styles.

What's Included?

Social media checks & measures
  • Decorum risk indicators - privacy and content
  • Market benchmark indicator for easy comparison
  • Integrity checks*
  • Visibility landscape **
  • Network and connections risk indicator
* Integrity checks
  • Use of extreme / threatening / explicit language
  • Illegal activities
  • Endorsement of drug use
  • Undesirable blogging or vlogging
  • Online harassment or bullying
** Online visibility landscape and search coverage
  • Social and professional networks
  • Mobile specific Apps
  • Media and News reports
  • Links to Proscribed organisations
  • Active shopping and trading sites
  • Blogs and Vlogs


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